Betsy Peréz

Betsy Peréz, is a writer, performer, sexual wellness educator and now CRIF’s Program and Events Coordinator. She was born in the Dominican Republic/Haiti and raised in the South Bronx. Her love for production and events was cultivated as a teenager involved in theatre organizations that educated the community about HIV/AIDS and sexual health through storytelling and later, as an adult where she continued acting, playwriting, producing live storytelling events, production assisting and coordinating for mission driven film projects.

Betsy’s desire at CRIF is to be one more present adult on the team, as well as to continue supporting, producing, collaborating and strategizing collectively to create opportunities and events invested in honoring the lives, minds, and voices of children and youth globally.

She has a profound love for humanity, listening to the coming of age stories of adults who realize they have an inner-child, mathematics and metaphysics.