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Seeking Safety

Our second grantmaking portfolio, Seeking Safety, is a search for the ways children and youth actively seek, create, and cultivate safety—especially those who are unable to take safety for granted. This include children and youth in institutionalized care or detention, migrants, children working in informal economies, and those that are homeless, living in foster care, or refugee settings. 

Over 6 weeks in summer 2022, the Children’s Rights Innovation Fund (CRIF) and the Just Beginnings Collaborative (JBC) posed two questions to seven young activists in Brooklyn, New York.  We asked (1) “What does safety mean to you? and (2) “If you could move actual money to people, places and institutions that created safety for children and young people in Brooklyn, where would you put it?”.  From this global project to be replicated in multiple sites, we hoped to learn directly from them about what they would prioritize in their community with regard to their safety.  Their answers were surprising.   Click here to read the first volume of our Seeking Safety learning brief.